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CITTA Asili Soapstone Vessel/ PINK/ S

CITTA Asili Soapstone Vessel/ PINK/ S


This Asili Soapstone Vessel is skilfully hand-carved using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Each piece is whittled back from large chunks of soapstone from family owned quarries in Western Kenya. The carvers work with no more than hand tools to create a smooth finish, celebrating the unique diffusion of blush and natural hues throughout the material. This mindful process filters traditional techniques and natural materials through a contemporary lens to create a modern artefact - something timeless yet new, ready to be cherished in your home.Asili soapstone pieces are produced within a fairtrade environment which supports the artisans, their families and communities in Western Kenya and offers the design community an assurance of integrity.

Product Details

Soapstone Care Instructions
Hand wash only. Do not leave water sitting in item for a long period of time.
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