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Deb Donkers has never learned the words ‘good enough’. Everything she has achieved in her career defines her belief that only 100 precent will do. Trained first as a massage therapist, her thirst to understand the complexity of the human body has seen her train in over 20 different product houses and more than 10 healing modalities. It’s this knowledge that she pulls from every day to drive the business model she has adopted. Alternative in her thinking, she pushes the approach to wellness, always empowering and getting the best from people. Her sometimes ‘unconventional thinking' can at times challenge people that cross her path, but it has undoubtedly paved the way to the success she has today. Born in Wodonga, Deb left to live in her first commune at the young age of 18. Traveling throughout Australia and later further abroad in her quest for self-healing. This has brought about invaluable and profound experiences that she continues to draw from.


A peaceful balanced life was always the driver for Deb. It is undoubtedly an ongoing challenge to quieten her busy mind, and for anyone that spends time with Deb, they soon realise it rarely stops. It isn't a surprise that she has imbedded herself into the wellbeing industry as it forms a constant reminder to all seeking and maintaining good health,  that we must balance body and mind, offering it time for rest.


By her early 20’s Deb launched into the world of business, and it remains in her blood nearly three decades on. At stages of her careers, she even had herself involved in up to 8 businesses simultaneously! Today Deb chooses a slightly quieter, more controlled life with a single focus in the wellbeing industry whilst still balancing her second passion of design.  Now it’s about the delicate balance of motherhood and career. Her staff are employed not just for their expertise but equally for their passion. Believing business reflects your beliefs and with the strong values of integrity, quality, honesty, environment and continual improvement; the company has a truly holistic approach to business. Deb continues to personally create treatments and products for all to enjoy. Never limited by the now and always looking to bring new to north east Victoria. You only have to sit with Deb for a small while to see that her passion and knowledge and experience reaches far, and she is limitless in what she is prepared to try.


“We succeed with an absolute belief in what we do."

"Let me introduce myself, I am  Deb Donkers the owner and founder of The Benev, We Forage,  Boilerhouse Development Group and Studio Wilson.”

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