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Enjoy memorable moments at The Benev that not only showcase the best growers & makers from the region, but also nature at it's spectacular best.


Enjoy memorable moments at The Benev that not only showcase the best growers & makers from the region, but also nature at it's spectacular best.


  • 2023


    FRI  15/12   @   7PM


    FRI  01/12   @   7PM




    FRI  10/11   @   7:30PM


    FRI  03/11   @   7:30PM


    FRI  24/11   @   7:30PM



    Arrive to bubbles & brews as the sun dips lower in the sky to reveal the softer hues of scenic beechworth. A stunning prelude to a private OUTDOOR CINEMA experience where you'll settle into luxury lounges, accompanied by artisan grazing boards, local wines & craft beers that showcase the best growers and makers from our region. There's something deeply sentimental about catching a movie with warm bucket of popcorn - thus inspiring our iconic GORMET POPCORN BAR for you to enjoy throughout the screening under the stars.

    • Pre-movie bubbles with sunset views

    • Moonlight movie experience

    • Lounge Service

    • Artisan graze board 

    • Local wine & beer (2 glasses pp)

    • Limitless Gourmet Popcorn Bar

    • Luxurious lounges, blankets & cushions


    • Share boards featuring fresh local produce

    • Wine, Beer, Cocktails and Mocktails

    • Gourmet Popcorn Bar

    • Lounge chairs + picnic blankets

    There's something magical about watching the sun dip below the horizon, casting a warm, golden glow over our beautiful corner of the world. High up on the hill, The Benev has a front-row view of nature at it's spectacular best so we've turned this magical moment into a weekly ritual, reserving Friday evenings for "GOLDEN HOUR". As the sun sets and the world slows, this is your standing invitation to join us in winding down the week with good food, good drinks, and good company.

    FRI-YAYs [selected dates]  >  5pm until 8pm

  • A MERRY MOVIE NIGHT - open-air cinema experience

    DECK THE LAWNS - luxury picnic 
    CHRISTMAS CALM & CARE - slow spa day

    FESTIVE FEAST - nourishing long lunch alfresco

    Unwrap the magic of the season for your workplace with FESTIVE events at The Benev. Grab some popcorn and settle in for an open-air MERRY MOVIE NIGHT, gather your group and DECK THE LAWNS with a picturesque picnic, toast to the season with a nourishing FESTIVE FEAST alfresco, or take a moment to relax, reflect on the year and show your team some CHRISTMAS CALM + CARE in our spa.

  • The Benev, located in the picturesque town of Beechworth, is a unique venue that offers breathtaking scenery and a range of experiences, all designed to help you unwind, connect with others, and nourish your mind, body, and soul. Whether you're looking to host a group wellness day, retreat, celebration, team building event, corporate function, product launch, photoshoot, or long lunch, The Benev provides the perfect backdrop for your event.

  • The best part of a picnic is undoubtedly the eating, not the preparation. So don't waste a second of your day wrestling with the cling film when our fully-furnished picnic baskets are filled with every fresh air feasting necessity – from fresh food feasts to toast-worthy tipples.


    Perch yourself onto the well maintained Benev Green and dine amongst the lush atmosphere whilst soaking in the picturesque views Beechworth has to offer. OR - go on an adventure to discover your perfect picnic spot in our beautiful region. 


    This is a relaxed, fully catered outdoor picnic lunch experience.


    On arrival, you will collect your picnic basket (inc glassware) and select your refreshments with a choice of wine, beer, botanical waters or juice. Your seasonal ‘FEED ME’ picnic box will include a selection of shared courses, showcasing the best growers & makers from across our region.


    Our Grounded Picnics are from 11am-3pm and are available for groups of up to 6 adults maximum. 

    Please note that your private picnic is for a group booking - small (up to 2 adults), medium (up to 4 adults) - large (up to 6 adults) and tickets are unavailable for individual sale. All guests must be over the age of 18 years. 


    Picnic boxes are supplied with seasonal produce and cannot be customised or altered - additional items can be purchased at pick up from The B Pantry. Your picnic box will be available for collection from The B Pantry on the day of your picnic between 11am and 3pm.

EAT.       SHOP.       SPA.       STAY.       WHAT'S ON.        BUSINESS.        WED.

EAT.       SHOP.       SPA.       STAY.       WHAT'S ON.        BUSINESS.        WED.

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