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THE GOODNIGHT CO Sleep Essentials



Wind down and wake up refreshed with The Best of Sleep Kit. This specially curated kit provides you with the calming and sleep essentials to put stress and the frustration of disrupted sleep to bed. Designed to aid restorative sleep so you can go to sleep and wake feeling your best. The Goodnight Co. is driven by one mission: to help you create better days, through better sleep. One thing?s for sure: quality, uninterrupted sleep (seven to nine hours per night) keeps every cell in your body happily functioning, equipping you ? mind, body, heart and spirit ? with feel-good energy to rise and truly shine when you?re meant to. If you're struggling with getting a good night's sleep and not sure where to start, put our Best Of Sleep Kit to the test. It includes our 100% natural Deep Sleep Drops, formulated to aid uninterrupted sleep and to support optimal sleep patterns ? taken directly under the tongue 30 minutes before bedtime every night. To perfect your night routine, match it with the Goodnight Essential Oil Roll On to unwind your body and mind after a busy day. Complete your sleep routine with a spritz of our Sweet Dreams Mini Sleep Mist on your pillows to calm your mind and prepare the body for deep sleep. For support throughout the day, don't forget your Calm Drops, naturally formulated to reduce anxiety and restlessness. They are the perfect accompaniment to keep in your office or beside your bed to soothe and support. The Goodnight Co.?s Best Of Sleep Kit includes: Deep Sleep Drops Calm Drops Goodnight Roll On Sleep Mist


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