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THE GOODNIGHT CO Ceramic Oil Diffuser / BLACK

THE GOODNIGHT CO Ceramic Oil Diffuser / BLACK

Bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your home using our modern, white Ceramic Diffuser. Using a ceramic oil diffuser allows you to enjoy the many aromatherapy benefits of essential oils, such as assisting with relaxation and sleep, improving cognitive function and helping you breathe more easily. 
Essential oils improve our sleep. When inhaled, the oils cause the olfactory bulb to transmit information to the brain's limbic system. As the limbic system is directly connected to parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, stress levels and hormone balance, it?s no surprise essential oils are incredibly effective for managing sleep, mood and energy levels. 
Our Ceramic white Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology which allows the mist to be delivered through vibrations. This process allows the oils to be safely diffused without any heat involved, making it the safer choice for your home than candles or incense, particularly if you have small children or pets.
Pair this white ceramic oil diffuser with a selection of our Essential Oil Blends found in our Ceramic Diffuser & Essential Oils Starter Kit for the perfect gift or self love-treat
Water tank capacity: 100mL
Dimensions: 180mm height, 88mm diameter  
Weight: 490g 
Maximum continuous run time: 3-4 hours
Materials: Ceramic cover, BPA-free plastic water tank
Technology: Ultrasonic rate of 2.4MHz
Safety: When the water depletes, the mist turns off automatically 
Warranty: 12 month warranty 
Connect to power
Carefully fill the water tank
Add 3-5 drops of essential oil to the water
Light Control: 3 modes - soft warm light, bright warm light, off
Mist Control: 3 modes - continuous (runtime 3-4 hours), 30-second intervals (runtime up to 7 hours), off
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