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PHOENIX BOOKS Follow Your Heart



When Arzu Dogan began to heal herself from an autoimmune disease, she felt called spiritually to share her journey and all that she had learned about healing with the world. She found her purpose in life, her illness taught her to challenge her belief systems and take on a new path a path that would set her free to live, eat and be her truest, healthiest, happiest and limitless self,  full of love, light and abundance. , Follow Your Heart: Live, Eat, Be reveals Dogan's personal journey on how she learned to live a life of health, vitality, abundance, love, and authenticity by letting go of her old ways. Dogan discovered that her lifestyle was not serving her, she was not living her truth and her illness became the messenger for change. This led her to explore holistic health, change old thought patterns and belief systems, speak her truth, discover mindfulness, find purpose with life and learn how to love herself again this was her path to healing. Writing among other things, became therapy for her and is the fuel for her passion to share her story in the hope to inspire, heal, uplift and spread love and connection for the expansion of humanity. This self-help book shares tips and guides on how we can all learn to be the creators of our lives, if we do the work and tune in to our hearts.

Dogan reveals how expansion, growth and change all occur when we are ready to step into our truth and accept ourselves fully as we are. Follow Your Heart will inspire the reader to go on a self-discovery journey, to grow and heal. It will teach them to question their why and guide them to treat their 'self' as a whole, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally - because it is all connected. Each chapter shares quotes, mantras and wisdom on how the reader can tap into their inner guidance and follow their heart too. This book will appeal to those that are keen to explore holistic health, self-love, find life purpose and learn about healing themselves or those that are generally on a spiritual or wellness journey, Dogan says. When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she answers, I would like them to have awareness, presence and be open to the notion that they are the healers, and they are the creators of their own lives. They can create health, wealth, happiness, abundance and longevity if they do the work. The answers are all within, if we do the inner work and trust our intuition, our-'selves,' we can all have greater awareness, growth, transformation and expansion. This is the essence of following your heart.


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