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Mobeco Cork Massage Ball

Mobeco Cork Massage Ball

Our Eco Cork Massage Ball is a really good self-massaging tool that can target tight pressure points of the muscle to release tension. It can also target fascia and hard to reach places within a traditional massager roller. Cork Massage Ball is made from 100% sustainable cork. The cork is durable  and offers the right firmness to your muscle. You can order small and large (or both) allowing you to target both small and larger muscle groups respectively.
Small Cork Ball - 6.2 cm
Large Cork Ball - 8cm
Why should I use a cork massage ball?
Massage balls are terrific at targeting preccure points and specific areas of the body to provide pain relief from tight fascia and muscles.
Eco-friendly, biodegradable and durable
Perfect for increasing blood flow, mobility before exercise
Recovery from tight muscles post exercise.
Light weight cork ball is the perfect recovery companion while traveling.
Recovery from daily muscle stiffness from work.
How do I use a cork massage ball?
Position your massage ball on an area of tension or soreness. Then using your bodyweight against a wall or the floor, gently ease your weight onto the massage ball. Maintain the pressure on your trigger point until you feel the tension release or continuously roll on the cork massage ball with your bodyweight along tight muscle or fascia until it relaxes and eases.
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