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Glass Drink Bottle / S



You want to start the habit of drinking water, but just don't know where to start or you don't have the motivation for it. The solution? Our time marked water bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water to the "full" mark and make sure you have drunk up to the "8am" mark before that time, and so on. Refill when it reaches the ?refill? mark and start the process again. And there you have it! You?ve just drunk 1L of water in one day! That wasn?t so bad was it? Go you! Simple, aesthetic design Non-toxic Eco-friendly - Stop purchasing single use plastics and help combat environmental pollution Material: Borosilicate glass Size 500ml22 x 6.5cm 750ml22cm x 7.5cm


EAT.       SHOP.       SPA.       STAY.       WHAT'S ON.        BUSINESS.        WED.

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