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FOG LINEN Mango spoon

Traditional utensils hand carved from mango wood. Goes hand in hand with the mango wood bowl from which you can sip your favourite soup on a cold winter?s day. This simple, classic spoon is a versatile addition to any tableware collection.
Ethically sourced and handmade from sustainable mango wood by skilled artisans. Each spoon will have a slight variation in its shape and colour and may have some irregularities. This should be taken as a natural finish to the product and be considered as the unique nature of the item.
Width: 4cm / 1.5?
Length: 16.6cm / 6.5?
Material: 100% mango wood
Made in India
Hand wash only
About the brand:
The founder of Fog Linen, Yumiko Sekine had a business mind from the very beginning. Sekine started her first business back in the 90s importing used books and houseware from Europe and America to Japan. Over the years, in search of more products, Sekine noted a lack of affordable everyday linens that she had used during her childhood. While visiting Lithuania, she took this opportunity to create some product designs, hence Fog Linen was born. With some wistful designs in mind, Sekine offers simple, classic and durable linen products for daily use such as a selection of tablecloths, aprons, slippers and even bags. Sekine continues to be inspired to create beautiful simple products for everyday living.
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