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Finding Your Authentic Self by Susan Reynolds

Finding Your Authentic Self by Susan Reynolds


Stop curating your life as a perfect social media post, and start living authentically as who you really are. Social media and digital content are deeply woven into our daily lives. Reports suggest we check our phones almost 100 times a day! As a result of this, coupled with endlessly streaming shows, news, and gossip, we are bombarded with media that tells us how to look, act, and feel. The reality is that almost all media, and society, is like a house of mirrors, where images can be distorted. Amongst all the photo filters, online shopping, and family and societal pressures, it's not hard for anyone to start presenting a heavily curated-but ultimately hollow-version of themselves to the world. So how do you stop presenting who you think you should be and start living authentically as who you really are. How do you live your life according to your own values and goals, rather than those of other people.  The answer is not to disengage from media or other people altogether-there's a better way!

Finding Your Authentic Self is a guided workbook that will help you connect with your true self, your better self. Through a series of 200+ writing exercises, you will: Observe yourself objectively Explore your values, strengths, and personality Develop compassion for yourself and others Live with integrity and take responsibility Challenge belief systems and communicate honestly Develop self-confidence and manage your emotions Find your life's purpose A layflat binding facilitates your progress by making it physically easier to write inside the book. Once you realize your true potential, you'll find you have the respect of others-as well as yourself. You won't care what others think because you will be living your own personal truth, a truth you can stand behind. Sample prompts include: What currently rules your life, What would you like to rule your life, Do you generally like whom you have become? Why or why not? What has been holding you back emotionally? What do you feel is needed to right your emotional ship? What can you do to reinforce the parts of your soul that make you you? With inspiring and uplifting quotes and affirmations throughout, you can discover the fulfillment and peace that comes from living as a more authentic person, a more genuine you.

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