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Do Less by Kate Northrup

'I inhaled Do Less and as I finished, I found myself breathing easier. Important book, perfect timing.' - Glennon Doyle, #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Untamed "There's nothing particularly easy about being a working mother... But there are some key things we can do to make it easier." In our culture, the way we work isn't working. Our addiction to busyness and obsession with always trying to do more leads us to feel like we're always failing our families, our careers, our spouses, and ourselves. We need to revolutionize the way we work. It's not acceptable to work ourselves to the brink of exhaustion, to constantly be "on-call" and checking our work e-mail around the clock. How do we fix the system? The answer isn't some corporate policy. And it isn't "leaning in." It's a system within ourselves, in our daily work lives, and in our homes. Because the only way to create a new system is to be it. Instead of "leaning in," and "doing it all," entrepreneur and best-selling author Kate Northrup invites you to experiment with doing less. By doing less, paradoxically, you can have - and be - more. In this book, you'll get the permission and tools to change the way you approach your life, and embrace living in tune with the cyclical nature of the feminine. By cutting out the extraneous busyness, you'll have more satisfaction and joy, and you'll let yourself be more often instead of doing all the time. "This book will help free many women to fly into the destinies they were born for." - Dr. Shefali Tsabary, New York Times best-selling author
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