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BARE HANDS The Dry Gloss Manicure Kit



Reveal your healthiest natural nail with the Dry Gloss Manicure Kit by Bare Hands. Housed in a vegan leather case, the kit includes a moon-shaped glass file that does all the work of a buffing block in just one step, two cuticle sticks, and the nourishing Cuticle Oil pen that is formulated to support the skin's natural functions. Choose between Bare Hands unscented Cuticle Oil - great for pregnant women or those who cannot use certain scents or oils on their skin - or their signature Citrine scent with top notes of citrus and ylang-ylang. Exclusively available in Australia at My Chameleon. - Jojoba grape seed, castor, and sea buckthorn oil deeply moisturise and nourish - Vitamin and minerals EFA and plant compounds support skin regeneration, stimulate wound-healing, and protect against sun damage How to Use - Use The Polisher by applying gentle but firm pressure across the nail in short strokes. Once shined, use the brush pen to apply a thin coat of The Cuticle Oil. The brush tip is designed for a touchless application, but you can rub the oil in if you?d like. Repeat weekly for the Polisher and as needed for the Cuticle Oil.


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