building the FUTURE


restoring the PAST


We weren’t always this beautiful

or the vision this big


Undertaking a complete renovation on a 17th century run down hospital (the former Murray Ovens Benevolent Asylum - a place that housed immigrant miners and orphans from the gold rush era, providing somewhere for them to feel safe while they recovered and gained there health. 
Built in 1862 it was the two Flemish gables that featured the township for many years, high on the hill top over looking Beechworth. Each of the gables was capped with stone dressing and decorative iron finial. One of my favorited features is the dark diaperwork (that’s the pattern in the bricks. Remembering each brick was hand made and glazed, the appreciation for the true workmanship and skills of the men who build it is constant, and the longer you spend here, the more your appreciation will grow.

We saved the run down property in 2015, beginning with the demolish and make good orders of 27 buildings in total.  The long hall of conservation planning and permits saw the project finally begin its rebuild in 2017.

Soon after we open the first section The Spa Beechworth in July 2018, from there we have gradually worked our way around the building with new offerings opening as our energy allows it to. Our philosophy of ‘quiet living’ embraces the principles of slow design, encouraging a gentler pace of life that is better for people and planet. Our ethos is to create thoughtful and intuitive precinct that satisfy real human needs and restore meaning to our lives.
Today it is preserved as a National Trust of Australia (Victoria) building and over seen by its owners Deb & Kade.  The Benevolent  means giving back, seems so appropriate that its rebirth is now a place for respite and wellness…

welcome to the BENEV.
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/meaning to give back