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building the FUTURE

restoring the PAST

We saved the run down property in 2015, beginning with the demolition and make good orders of 27 buildings in total.  The long hall of conservation planning and permits saw the project finally begin its rebuild in 2017.

Soon after we opened the first section 'The Spa Beechworth' in July 2018.  From there we have gradually worked our way around the building with new offerings opening as our energy allows it to. Our philosophy of ‘quiet living’ embraces the principles of slow design, encouraging a gentler pace of life that is better for people and planet. Our ethos is to create a thoughtful and intuitive precinct that satisfies real human needs and restores meaning to our lives.
Today it is preserved as a National Trust of Australia (Victoria) building and is overseen by its owners Deb & Kade.  The Benevolent means giving back, seems so apt that this beautiful historic building has a rebirth that continues with core values of respite and wellness.

welcome to the BENEV.

Set in charming Beechworth, the BENEV Accomodation offers a luxury setting to rest and experience our slow living and simple philosophies in luxurious yet nurturing rooms and grounds that promote wellness at every turn. Designed to promote modern wellness, The Benev was inspired by Owner and Wellbeing Entrepreneur Debby Donkers’ love for connection & belonging. For over 20 years Debby has lived and breathed wellbeing, business and design and longs for people to make the time to connect back to themselves, to make their biggest impact from a place of clarity and confidence.

your pathway to self care

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