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The Benev offers a collective approach to  ‘being’ that promotes and educates. We are loud advocates of rest, connection and living in alignment with your values. We believe in the power of touch, and good health that comes from stillness of both body and mind.

Every experience is designed to consciously stir all the senses to transition you into a state of 'being'. 






 We play with the seasons and are drawn to support our journey with the power of nature drawing from it useful treasured ingredients and infuse every moment with the power of scent. Weaving these principles together with a pop of a little  surprise to delight, creating a holistic sanctuary of tailor-made luxury.​ 


Mostly we are truly passionate about what we do, our team live and breath the healing power of The Benev. Your time with us is a gift, we will always respect you and allow you to just BE.

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