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This guidebook is your companion in understanding the intricacies of our spa, from bookings to the guest journey and aftercare. We encourage you to embrace your role with passion and dedication, knowing that every day, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our guests. Welcome to The Benev Spa family, where the journey to wellness begins, and inspiration is our guiding force. Welcome Rituals: Explore the warm welcome that sets the tone for the guest's experience, including check-in procedures and providing a comforting environment. Consultation & Customisation: Understand the importance of consultation to tailor treatments to individual preferences and needs. Treatment Etiquette: Gain insight into the dos and don'ts during treatments, including communication, privacy, and maintaining a serene atmosphere. Post-Treatment Rituals: Understand the importance of guiding guests through post-treatment rituals, such as hydration, nourishment, relaxation, and skincare. Product Recommendations: Discover how to recommend and sell products that extend the benefits of their spa experience. Follow-up and Feedback: Learn how to follow up with guests after their visit, collect feedback, and ensure their continued satisfaction.

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